Last Spots Available!
Last Spots Available!



What people usually ask me:


1) Is it really just you?


Actually I have some friends helping me with customer support but all the drawing is just done by me! Which is the reason why we have to close ordering every now and then... because I cannot handle so many request!


2) What's the price?

I get these question all the time and the answer is always the same:


Pricing is divided into:

Number of Pets

Per pet this is what you pay:

1 pet = 39,95€
2 pets 39,95€ + 30€ = 69,95€
3 pets 39,95€ + 30€ + 30€ = 99,95€
4 pets 39,95€ + 30€ + 30€ + 30€ = 129,95€
5 pets 39,95€ + 30€ + 30€ + 30€ + 30€ = 159,95€

For the background: 

White: FREE
Colored: FREE
Customized: 20 eur


3) How long does it take?

Since is just me, I try to work as fast as I can but I always want to deliver the best work possible... therefore I aim to deliver your hand-drawn pet portrait in about 5 days or so.

Sometimes I can take a little longer... but don't worry, when this happens is because I want to make sure everything is amazing!


4) How is the portrait sent?


When every order (even if you order a digital file or canvas) you will receive your digital copy to print as many times as you want.

  • If you order just the digital print, you will receive it via email in about 10 days or so... so watch out for my pals email! We don't want you to miss it!
  • If you order the canvas, I will send you the digital copy so you can approve it or ask for modifications... once you are happy with it we will send it to our printing partners
  • For the printing and shipping, time is about 4 days for printing and 7-12 days for shipping depending on the State where you live in
  • For orders in Canada/United Kingdom/Australia, shipping time is about 7-15 days as well


5) What if I am not happy with my portrait?

Sometimes working from a photo could let miss the essence of your pet but I'm always ready to make revisions FREE OF CHARGE until you are 100% satisfied with your pet's portrait!


6) What can I have as my background?


I can put whatever colored background free of charge or I can draw an specific background... Just let me know in the designated space and I will work my magic!


7) Can I do whatever I want with my portrait?

Once I deliver the portrait you can do whatever you like with it!!!

There are few things you are not allowed to do:

  • Break it
  • Burn it
  • Throw it away

Other than that you can do as you please!


8) Can you work from more than one photo?

The more photos you send me the better! Just make sure you're clear about how you'd like your illustration drawn in the picture description and leave the rest up to me!


9) What quality should the photo I send to you be?

The photos that you have on your phone are perfect! Since I draw from zero without any apps or automatic softwares, I just need your pet's photo so I can see how he/she is and create a beautiful portrait


10) I have a large group I need doing?

No problem just drop me an email and we can discuss large jobs. 


11) Will I be charged for changes to my order after it's been made?

It is the customer's responsibility to specify all details they would like in their order in the order notes. Any details not included in the order notes will be assumed by me and will result in additional charges if the customer requires changes.